There is no bug fix in the last two betas

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  • That is not what I said. I said: "Nothing that can't be done with Construct 2, one way or another"

    And there's nothing that can't be done in JavaScript alone, one way or another, without Construct 2 at all. Obviously there's much more to it than that.

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  • Well, I don't wanna argue about this too much.

    For me the bottom line is. I can do everything in Construct 2 just as fast as I, or anybody else probably, would do using Construct 3. ( Javascript vs. Construct comparison thus, not the same )

    Having solid support for HTML 5 ads on the other hand, plus a few other things would save me and many others a ton of time ( if they measured it in tons )

    I get it. You guys find it more fun/interesting to work on actual game dev. aspects of software and view ad integration coding as nuisance. I totally understand it. I feel the same way about certain things.

    I have accepted it by now and let's move on.

  • We've done tons of work directly addressing many top user requests for Construct 3. If you don't care about those features yourself, it doesn't mean there aren't loads of new improvements in Construct 3 that save loads of time for other people. For example having a built-in build service saves tons of time for people publishing to Android. I think you're deliberately trying to mis-represent the situation, perhaps to try to add pressure for your own personal feature requests. We have a public feature request platform where users vote on the best ideas - you can always add to that.

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