Bug when I use AJAX POST?? I didn't find any solution, help

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  • hi all, when I try to send a data with "POST" method to a php file, like:


    DATA: "c2array="&myarray.AsJSON

    my php file will write a new file:

    $myfile = fopen("users/$id/$namesavegame.json", "w") or die("Unable to open file!");

    fwrite($myfile, $c2array);


    and this work, the problem is a result of the json file:

    {[/b]"c2array[/b]":true,[/b]"size[/b]":[412,5,1],[/b]"data[/b]":[[ you can see, "\", and i don't find any solution about this, I don't understand why "[/b]" will appear...

    with GET is working good, ( {"c2array":true,"size":[412,5,1],"data":[[) but I need to use POST....is a bug? thank you very much... I don't know how to solve this problem...

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