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  • Hello World,

    Ok, so I have a image that I want to use for my background. It is a jpg of 291.6kb. I go to tinypng and compress it. Now I have a jpg of 87.8kb.

    So I take this compressed jpg and put it in my project as a background image(1 frame, no animation, 640x480 size), then I save. Now if I go into the folder where C2 saves the project, what do I find? C2 has transformed it into a .png of 1.8mb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the **** am I missing?!?!?! Cause at this rate I won't be able to publish my game, since googleplay size limit is 50mb and C2 sadly doesn't feature a way of using expansion files.

    Thank you.

  • How big is the image if you export it to, say, html5?

  • LE: Nevermind Colludium , I just figured what you meant.

    I am not talking about exports here mate. I'm talking about the folder where C2 stores your project while you're still working on it(before exporting) aka the save location. I don't know how else to explain it...

    LEE: Could it be because it's a jpg? I tried the same thing with a png for another background, and after compressing that one, putting it in the project and saving it worked. I saved about 500kb on that one from 700+kb to 249.3kb as it is now.

  • When you are working in C2 it converts all art into 32bit PNG files. So you should always import the highest quality assets into your game. On export is when the images will be compressed into a more manageable file size.

    Just make sure you change the export options to the format of choice (jpg, png,...) in the image editor, or it won't know how to export it.

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  • What I meant was the size of the file that matters is the compressed export image - along with the image size during run time - and for what you're interested in, the google apk size limit, the exported file size is of most importance. So, if c2 compresses the export image to be very small then there's no problem here - the size of the file used in the editor is of no consequence.

  • Colludium , ryanrybot I'm afraid you're both missing the point.

    The first one that I tried which was .png to begin with droped over 500kb in size after compressing it with tinypng, putting it in the project and saving the project(not exporting).

    The tinypng compressing on the png file helped reduce the size after C2 was done with it and there was absolutely no loss of quality(to the naked eye at least)!

    So the point is that after all that I can export it normally(as png-32), get a reduced file size, AND the entire process will be loseless!

    If I try it your way, to not care about the size before exporting, and then exporting as png-8 I can clearly see a drop in image quality.....

    So, is there any way to make that process work with jpg files too so I can keep the loseless process going?

    P.S. To whom it may concern: If it's too late for C2, then I at least really hope we see in C3 a nice and easy way of using the expansion files that google now provides....

  • ... our-memory

    Then if you absolutely have to use a single large image, you might consider downloading it at runtime.

  • Yeah, I've read that post a while ago newt , unfortunately if I remember correctly what you are suggesting would require me to have my own server to host those images on. Which is not a possibility for me at the moment.

    Anyway, thanks for trying to help guys. Guess I'll just try to compress them as much as I can, maybe resize them a bit more, have way less diversity then I originally wanted and that's that...

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for C3 to have that option.... Ashley

  • See Construct 2's export-time optimisations. It's by design that Construct 2 imports everything in your project as PNG, and recompresses it when exporting. This makes it pointless to do any compression yourself before importing. If you want to set an image to JPEG, choose the JPEG option in the Image Format dialog in the Image Editor, and the image will be recompressed to JPEG on export.

  • Yeah, but wouldn't choosing jpeg be lossy too Ashley ?

    By the way, is there any chance that in C3 we will see a nice and easy way of using the expansion files that google provides?

  • optimisations its important to check your imagines and zise reduce problems in your games and prevent heats and lag, and with jpeg lossy reduce a little , its a good topic easy way of using the expansion files that google provides in C3

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