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    The free version of construct 2 is totally crappy!

    The programmers could not care less completely us...

    and the worst is that they dare propose we buy when we exit the application by rage...

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    This kind of post isn't going to get you anywhere.

    You're posting in the wrong section, calling something subjective like your opinion on C2's free version a bug, not even describing why you think it's crappy, accusing the devs of not caring about their users which if you'd spent any time here at all you would know isn't true, and getting upset about them charging for their hard work even though it's less than most other engines?

    If you want people to think you're not trolling and want to have an honest discussion about how things can be improved, first calm down, then politely write out your concerns, what specifically made you so upset (we might be able to help you), and how you think things could be improved in another post. Locking.

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