Browsers Testing--Different Results Big Deal?

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  • Hello again!!

    While testing what I am making I was wondering if it is normal to see extreme differences of a app in different browsers? (Mind you I am use to minor differences) Surprisingly IE runs the best with 'MY' HTML project and physics I see so far. In Chrome and Firefox the physics is slow choppy and text acts funky. Like my small project depends on physics...a ball bouncing around. Its smooth like butter in IE when the ball goes off screen it shows the 'gameover' and 'restart' option. The other items work when I click on them.


    Firefox and Chrome...they don't want to go along with the program. The first go around nothing is responsive so the ball falls off screen. But wait the 'gameover' and 'restart' is no where to be found. So I guess-timate where the restart should be click and it starts over. Now going through the second go around everything is responding and this time the ball goes of screen the text shows up. Right now what I am making I am not worried about desktop website deployment 'right now' I am focus on the mobile.Should these test results be a concern when planning to use CocoonJS?

    **Also I did play with changing the physic options same results.

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  • Did a little more testing of the Physic engine to see the results.

    It Appears==

    Internet Explorer version 11- All Physics Engine run fine on it

    Google Chrome version 33.0.1750.117 m--Box2Dasm.js and CocoonJS ran perfectly fine

    But for Firefox Mozilla 27.0.1- Only CocoonJS native made it run 'decent'.

    It would be nice for the SYSTEM to have a browser option that returns what browser is running so that we can set what physics engine to use.

    But it appears when making it for the android mobile and testing through CocoonJS it didn't affect performance on my phone so that is good.


    The funny thing is I tested each browser with html5test website and IE Has the lowest HTML5 compatibility score!! :/

    IE 365 out of 555

    Chrome 503 out of 555

    Firefox 448 out of 555

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