Which browsers do support speech?

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  • Hi!

    I've tested c2 voice recognition. It is even better than the builtin voice recognition from my operating system. But it does have a flaw: the user has to use the right browser for it to work.

    I suggest making:

    a) A list of browsers with speech recognition

    Chrome 31/Windows XP => ok

    Opera 19/Win XP => Fail

    Explorer 8/Win XP =>C2 not supported

    b) A list of browsers with speech synthesis

    Chrome 31/Windows XP =>Fail

    Chrome latest / Windows 7 => Fail

    Opera 19 / Win XP => Fail.

    Explorer 8/ WinXP => C2 not supported

    Did anyone heard about a browser supporting speech synthesis?

  • Google Canary/34 under windows XP has speech synthesis. There is a flaw: it speaks any language (like "es") with English speech. It sounds like the good old "English Sam" supplied in (what?) Spanish versions of Windows from the late nineties. Hey, Silicon Valley people, there's life outside the USA!

  • Speech synthesis

    Safari for OSX

    Safari for IOS

    For dev:

    -OSX Webkit Framework 10.6 to now (as Webview)

    -IOS Webkit Framework 4.0.1 to now (as Webview)

  • Speech recognition

    Safari for OSX (7.0.1)

  • I have speech synthesis on Windows 8.1 using Chrome 33.

    It sounds amazing too.

  • cherbert Does Windows 8 Chrome 33 support Speech synthesis for French, German or Spanish?

    thejbos Does OSX safari support Speech synthesis for French, German or Spanish?

  • OSX Safari & IOS Safari

    The multilingual support is for all languages ??that translated this OS.

    So the answer is YES <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • That makes Apple rule! I don't use to like Apple, but I have to concede they have been working on speech since the old days of Mac Classic.

  • Like with most new web platform features, the supported browsers will change over time. As generally happens new features land in Firefox and Chrome first, and then other browsers catch up.

    HTML5test.com and caniuse.com are good places to check support, although they list different sets of features. Only HTML5test seems to have speech recognition and synthesis, and there are lists of supported browsers here:



    We also have ScirraMark which is a good way to quickly check a specific browser for C2-related HTML5 features.

    Don't forget if Chrome supports a feature, that means node-webkit and Crosswalk will also support it, and if Firefox supports a feature, Firefox OS will likely also support it (although it's on a slower release cycle).

  • Thanks, Ashley!

    An important question is, what languages are supported and where are browsers available.

    My chrome 32 says it is "up to date"; chrome 33 is not available for my system (or maybe for my country), and chrome 34 (a "canary" beta for developers) does not support my language.

    Another important questions is, wich exports do allow using speech.

    I just tried to make an Android speech test with XDK and, while XDK builtin emulator seems to support speech synthesis, when you export your project, it is not supported at all. So many features are "lost in translation" unless you use node-webkit or HTML5-site export.

    I want to make an "interactive fiction" speech game, but I need something to both talk and listen non-english languages.

  • The supported languages depends on the browser and OS. You can get a list of the available voices like the built-in example shows for speech synthesis, and you can enter which language to use for speech recognition too. Node-webkit and Crosswalk are both based on Chrome so it should work there too. I don't think any other platforms support it yet.

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  • What if according to html5test.com my browser should support speech, and my app does not detect it?


    Source: apagada.com/varios/speech_test/sample_s.capx

  • Ashley I know this is way old, but I just exported the Speech Recognition example *.capx using Node-Webkit and the speech recognition failed while saying that it was supported initially. Testing using debug and Chrome worked perfectly, however.

    Edit: this was tested with the latest R169 and with/without PNG recompression and script minification.

  • Thanks, That's the kind of problems I talk about. I can't do testing now because my Windows 7 machine is under repair (the rest of my machines range from XP, now unsupported, to plain old DOS). I hope I could continue investigating this on the last week of june.

  • arcalaus I guess we'll have to wait for Ashley to cover this one. Not sure what's going on but hopefully it can be fixed!

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