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  • Hey everybody,

    I need to be apologetic here. I have been really busy this year and have not had much time to peek in on the forums. I have been working on my graphics portfolio, and I wanted to include a link to my puzzle game in the arcade. ... a-porpoise. Out of the clear blue it just stopped working. When the game starts you can color match a shell, but it quits after that. The mechanics continue but it does not appear to recognize the mouse click after the first working click. I have not changed the game, so something else must have changed. I am apologizing because I have not visited the forums in a long time, and it could take a very long time for me to search through here to find the issue. Could it be a browser setting? If anyone else experienced something similar, I would really love to find out if there is a way to fix this. I lost the original file in a hard drive melt down a while back, so she may be doomed. Bummer. Any clues? Thank you in advance.

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  • I heard Chrome had some legacy features removed which has caused an issue with Arcade. However Arcade has an update coming soon.

  • It requires a re-export to fix though.

  • I really appreciate you two getting back with me. As well as knowing you two still frequent here. I know you both have helped me before. I had heard something about the chrome issue that jayderyu mentioned. However I was not certain if there was a fix without re-uploading. I lost the game when hard drive failed, but I still have my assets. I uploaded a bunch of games to my own server, which saved my rear in the art department, but I lost the code. It was kinda tricky getting all the jewels to behave. I have not been building any games lately because I have been burying my head rather deeply in PHP, MYSQL, JS, Json, axax, and xml...whew! Learning those languages for web development, but sticking right here with construct for app and game design.

    Again thanks for getting back!

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