breaking out of sub-events

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  • Is there an easy way to break out of a sub-event?

    It's super easy to drag the event line to the right and indent it as a sub-event but i find it very frustrating trying to break out of it again. Ideally i'd like to just be able to drag the line back to the left again but instead you're forced to go above the next line up, which is particularly annoying if you have multiple sub-events on one line.

    Also trying to delete the line that sub-event are attached to but keep those events is annoying too.

    I know there are short cuts and hot keys, but in my opinion it's no excuse for bad design.

  • I second, it's quite annoying.

  • Also not being able to paste an action directly into an empty event like you can a condition, you're either forced to copy the whole event line and delete the actions you don't wont, or else paste the action in the same line it was copied from them drag it to the empty action line.

  • I agrea a "break" action to end loops and sub-events would be a nice feature.

    You can Copy an action.

    Highlight the condition block. Then Paste. It will paste into the action section of the block.

  • +1 Same goes for moving an event below another event that has sub events; it just becomes another sub event!

  • I suppose I have just gotten used to it but to get an event out of being a sub event I drag it above the event it's a sub event of. Then I can switch the order to what it was before with another drag.

  • I agree that not being able to drag an object under another if it has sub events is annoying, it should be unnessecary to have to do what R0j0hound describes above every time.

  • Yeah ordering events is pretty weird and doesn't feel right, it can be tricky to get new people to learn it initially.

  • I'm having this issue as well, and btw is there already a solution for it, as this is a topic with more than 2 years old?

  • Yeah, but you will probably need to wait for C3... Cause it looks like everything is now pushed to C3

  • I don't believe this. If what you said is true It is a total disrespect for all C2 users, specially for new users like me. I hope you're wrong!

  • The way i see it, it's been 2 years and nothing has changed so i doubt they're are about to break off development on c3 now to make changes to the c2 editor when c3 is essentially just an editor update anyway.

  • I can understand that, to be honest i was just trying to see if there is a hope for this issue. I feel a little disappointed for having purchased this software. I considered such an active community, didn't think the C2 were in this situation. What a pity! I feel a little foolish. Well, this means that we will no longer have significant updates for C2...

    Anyways i thank you shinkan and Ethan for your answers.

  • artbava

    This isn't such a big issue. The first few posts have solutions how it's solved. I fail to see how this issue makes one foolish.

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  • I agree with R0j0. In the end its just a minor editor quirk, a little annoying perhaps but not a big problem.

    [quote:1nsn8e62]Well, this means that we will no longer have significant updates for C2...

    R0J0hound I think this is what he was referring too. I can understand how new users might be angry at this.

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