The BOWSER browser for iOS and MULTIPLAYER

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  • The company Ericsson has created a browser called BOWSER for iOS that supports WebRTC.

    On December 1, they released a new version in the APP STORE that they say fully supports the WebRTC standard.

    That said, my testing of a MULTIPLAYER GAME created with CONSTRUCT 2 fails.

    The app sees the signaling server and logs in but cannot connect to the host over WebRTC.

    Has anyone else tested MULTIPLAYER with the new version of BOWSER?

    It feels like it should work. And if so, it would be a quick way to allow Construct2 Multiplayer to work on iOS.

  • BUMP: Nobody has tried the new BOWSER yet for multiplayer webrtc games on iOS?

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  • Thanks Unanimous for creating this thread, for I'm experiencing the same symptoms. Via Bowser, my peer-client can connect to the peer-host and join the room , but after a quick one second, will automatically be 'kicked' out (left room).

    Has anybody experienced any success with the iOS-version of the Bowser?

    Thanks in advance... Jason

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