Bounce off solid function?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I have been reading through every code file I can in construct 2 and I found in preview.js a BounceOffSolid function. Nothing references it in any file I have looked through. Did there used to be a behavior or custom movement option that used this?

  • I think it's probably part of the bullet behavior.

  • Colludium - Right you are! I tend to do everything without behaviors, but this function is good to know about. I wish custom movement used it (behavior idea)

    I have been trying to find the best way to calculate surface normals on collision and these function peaked my interest. It knows surface normals... in a way... consequently it also can be used to create a platformer that uses elasticity and friction without using physics

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  • If you could obtain collision polygon slope gradient then that would be very useful....

  • Colludium - That is what I'm looking for. I had a post about finding surface angle (normal) a while back. Ashley asked why I needed it but then never got back. I am pretty sure the system could tell you this info, I know physics can tell you this as well, and I can create it myself by mucking about with object sensors and different object types with a known slope on one side.

    I just prefer elegance though. and any system I make requres alot of placing of objects in the editor.

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