I bought C2 standard edition, but got nothing?

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  • Hi,

    I've paid US$ 32 via PayPal, but didn't got any thing..

    assume there will be a download link? a serial number or something?

    please help...

  • You download the normal free edition from HERE, and you should get an email with your code as mentioned HERE which tells you how to use it.

    It depends on how the keys are created. If it's a manual thing, then it may take a little time depending on the number of people buying the early-adopter license.

  • Hi Max,

    A license code is sent to your Paypal email, if you send an email to licensehelpixl@scirra.com with your paypal email address we can resend it to you ASAP.


  • Also check your isp's junk mail filter. Mine had grabbed my email.

  • thank you, knight007au and Tom

    I've found the license file in my junk mailbox... :)


    I got a new error message as below:

    " A License file for Construct 2 was found, but there was an error loading it. Construct 2 has reverted to Free edition."

    what should I do now? :(

  • Mine works fine. Did you put the file to the same folder with Construct 2? Make sure you didn't edited the file or it's name.

  • Hi Max,

    There is a couple of issues we have discovered with some licenses (seems to be a language encoding type problem), we hope to have this sorted out today and I'll make sure you get sent everything.

    Thanks for your patience and support, sorry for the problem!


  • Hi Tom,

    Did you solve the language encoding type problem?

    because I didn't get new licenses file, and the old one still not working on my computer.... :(

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  • Seems like the problem wasn't completely solved with v5.1. I still get the error message when starting Construct.

  • having the same problem, but it won't tell me anything.

  • CreatedorMade

    Did you recieve an e-mail? If so, did you put the "c2license.txt" file in the folder where Construct 2 is installed or in "My Documents"? The medal on your avatar indicates you've bought it, so at least the transaction was registered somewhere.

  • CreatedorMade: The email adress the license was sent to should be the same one that is registered on your paypal account.

    Be sure to check the "Spam" or "Junk" mails too.

    Also check if the email doesn't contain a code that you could redeem on this page.

  • CreatedorMade - if you are having problems please email licensehelpscu@scirra.com and we'll try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We started using some new store software yesterday, so there might be a few hiccups involved, but rest assured we will make sure you get your license to you.

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