Booleans and Delays possible?

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  • Hey all,

    I just downbloaded Game Maker Studio and discovered that they don't have the ability to create booleans and delays with their "drag and drop" system so I'm wondering if Construct does? To clarify what I mean by a delay, can I have a timer that counts off a certain number of seconds before something is activated. IE, Do this, Wait 4 seconds, then Do this.


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  • first I doubt that GM can't do that.

    secondly, yes of course you can do this in Construct.

  • Look it up. GM doesn't have a delay functionality or booleans in their drag and drop mode. The only reason I asked is because of that discovery with Game Maker Studio as they're too of the most basic coding functionalities.

    Thanks for letting me know it is possible with Construct.

  • Yes C2 has bools, yes C2 has a Wait action.

    Also as a long time GM:S user I can 100% tell you GM:S has bools(you make it in the variable d&d) and delays(they are called alarms in GM:S).

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