Blend Mode Issue - "Fix" - Odd Behavior On Some Browsers

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  • So I hit an interesting issue where on some browsers, blend modes were not working right. I am using them to overlay an image, to create a "reveal affect" (such as one would use for a timer, or loading bar).

    Everything looked fine, but then I got a report of odd display issues. It took a heck long time to debug this, because there was no error. To make it worse, I was using the exact same version of chrome as the user who reported it. I would think it comes down to a settings issue, but I am not sure what.

    What it looks like happened is the Destination In was being treated as Destination Out. Obviously, if you have played with Blend Modes, this would cause terrible issues with your display.

    I switched my image to handle Destination Out instead and changed the blend mode to Destination Out (essentially just inverting the sprite). And bingo-bango it worked!.

    Sorry for no real examples, like I said this was an interesting one. Hard to capture it and hard to screenshot it (since the end result was no image being shown versus one should have shown). I posted this just in case anyone else has a similar issue and needs a solution.

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