Blend mode (Destination In) in Chrome & Node.

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  • Hi I have a little problem with the blend mode (Destination In) when I preview in Node & Chrome. I have not tried to export the project. Made some searches here but to no avail. Is it possible that I have missed that blend modes not work in chrome or node? Or am I doing it wrong?

    I have a sprite with "Destination In" to be masking a sprite under it in the same layer.

  • Can you post a capx and a bit more about how you want the masking to work? When you say " to be masking a sprite under it" you mean that you want the first Sprite to mask out (make it invisible) the second Sprite?

  • Thank you eli0s for your reply.

    Well what I'm trying to achieve is to mask a sprite that will serve as a cooldown.

    It should look like this:

    These are the pieces.

    And this is what the Destination In sprite look like.

    I'm missing something aren't I because Destination In should mask whatever lies behind it on the same layer. Wrong?

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  • Make sure that in the layer's properties, "Force own texture" is set to "Yes". Also make sure that the z-order of the sprites is correct based on your chosen blend mode.

  • Monumental I am still not sure what exactly you're after. You want the "green bar" Sprite to cut a hole on the "radar" Sprite...? If yes, Perhaps an other blending mode is needed. Check the capx.

  • Thank you GeometriX & eli0s you are very helpful. The fault was mine in one of the many events I asked the cooldown sprite to lay behind the radar pegs and not the mask. Uploaded a build on force own texture was helpful. Thank you again!

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