Do the blank parts of a tilemap use up performance?

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  • I have a tilemap imported from tiled which has an occupied space of 10% and the rest are blank (blank space is just for visual measurement)... In ways a tilemap would work, does a blank space still affect performance. Aside from Ashley's explanation, I still don't really know how tilemaps work.


  • Its really not an issue. Modern devices have way more memory, and handle textures good enough to pretty much disregard the power of two limitations of older gpu's.

    Supposedly the next version of webgl will make p^2 moot anyway.

    Also don't forget its video memory, it gets swapped around a lot, and has like zero impact on the cpu.

    The only way it could be an issue is if you have a lot of objects with huge invisible areas.

    Like a 32x32 sprite in the middle of a 512x512 frame uncropped.

  • newt - Sorry, I don't know if I explained my question well or I did not get your answer.

    My point here is that. Regarding the tileset, it has no problem, no uncropped parts since it is measured well.

    My question is about the unoccupied space of the tilemap object.... My Layout size is for example 5000x5000 and the tilemap also sized the same with the layout. But only 10% of the tilemap is drawn on the layout, 90% is empty space.

    But I did not use the C2 Tilemap bar to draw the map, I used the Tiled.exe & I don't know if the blank space on the tilemap object is drawn like a transparent image, making it consume performance. I pointed it out in case tiled and C2 has a difference.

    So my question is does the blank space part of the tilemap consume performance.

    Considering the drawn part of the tilemap is at the bottom?


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  • Nope.

    The only part of a tilemap that takes up any space is its texture.

    The only time a tilemap has any impact on the cpu is when it has a collision.

  • newt - Thanks.

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