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  • Hi

    Really new to this... (so go easy!)

    As i jump around my code "editing things which dont work as i first thought!", I find it a little frustrating not being able to add a Blank "Add Event" or "Add Action"... unless i am missing something?

    I for one would find this feature helpful. It would allow me to then paste or drag code to these then or later on, or even just add a comment for later like "this area will be.... bla bla bla" etc.

    I am at present having to add an event or action, then delete them to give me a blank area.

    many thanks for any postive help any one can give... (i.e please no your a moroon type replies... :(


  • You can add blank sub-events. Just right-click > Add > Blank Sub-event. You can't add blank actions as far as I'm aware, but you can just right-click > Add > comment, which is normally a sufficient place-holder.

  • I've been wondering how to create a blank event as well. I know how to do a blank "subevent".

  • Hi

    I also feel the ability to paste or add "exactly" where one requires the code, in either "add event" or "add action" would be helpful, as they always paste or add as the last item...

    one then has to find them select them and then drag them back to wherever required.


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  • Now you mention it that is a little strange. Maybe Ashley can tweak the IDE to add that in.

    For now, I just create new blank events the same way you do - add a new blank sub-event and then drag it to where I need it. The only time it gets a bit annoying is when it jumps to the bottom of a long event list and you have to go hunting for it <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I agree completely - I would really prefer 'add blank event' instead. If someone wants it to be a blank sub event, then they can simply drag it, but if you use it on an event with sub events it not only puts it at the end of the list so you have to hunt for it as mentioned, but if the sub events are collapsed it doesn't even show, So you have to uncollapse them, scroll trying to find where it appeared, then often it's too far to drag it, so then use cut, scroll back to where you wanted and then paste. I use tons of sub events meaning that it often ends up taking more work to find the thing than it does to create a new event and delete the condition.

    In it's current form I hardly ever use it, as add blank event I would use it quite often.

  • Hi

    Thank you for your responses... at least i wasn't going mad ... (well not yet anyway ha ha hah)

    i also have another "wish"... a nice to have... i dont know if anyone agrees? to add to the 2 already below?


    1) Add Blank "Event" or Blank "Action" wherever one wishes

    2) Paste or Add "Event" or "Action" wherever user wishes i.e not as last item...

    and now...

    3) The ability to highlight different areas of code, in different colours for quick visual seperation and finding of ones routines...?

    not too much to ask... :) to make it easier for us noobies to get into quicker!

    Is there a "suggestions" area i should direct my 3 suggestions?

    so that the development team may consider them? or not as the case may be?

    Many thanks


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