BlackBerry PlayBook: HTML5 built game volume issue

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  • Ashley

    I have another 'bug' with a game built with CS2, when exported as HTML5 and built as a BB PlayBook app (as a .bar file).

    Basically this uses the HTML5 audio object for the sound (I converted the sounds to mp3 and search replaced the refs to m4t etc in the JS to play mp3).

    Trouble is.... the game keeps setting the sound volume to MAX! You can alter the volume on the BB to be quite low.... then when you play the game it will reset back to max volume....

    Um... any idea why that might be? Anything that could be done about it??

    Thanks! :-)


  • This sounds like a bug in the Blackberry OS. It should be impossible for a web page to affect the system volume! That would be like opening a web page and it making Windows' volume slider go to the top. (You can imagine that being awkward for certain websites...) So I think you should report this as a bug to them.

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  • I have problem when exported to the BB 10 target OS. I try run the project on the ripple emulator. But there is a music almost play at the same time. Should I change .ogg or by default for the exporter?

    Thanks and regard..

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