Blackberry Playbook Performance Improvements

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  • So I was reading the blog post today about mobile performance when I saw the sad Blackberry Playbook numbers. Since I downloaded the OS 2.1 beta this morning I was like, "what the Hell?" and decided to retest with the benchmark you put up.

    Things are definitely looking good on that end - the test score came out with a threefold increase of 27 over the posts recorded score of 9.

    I figured others would like to know about this in case they were interested in Playbook development - It definitely goes to show the speed at which mobile browser performance has been increasing as of late.

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  • I was expecting better results because Blackberry really seems to be pushing HTML5... Glad to see we can get them.

  • cough cough i really don't like blackberry i don't know why maybe because in my country most of blackberry users use it in wrong way ... the only reason that people buy bb for bbm if im blackberry company ill publish the bbm on appstore and android with 5$ or free with fewer features and stop creating mobiles and tablets :)   and focusing on bbm and chatting stuffs...

    anyway good luck

  • The reason why there no apps in Blackberry market, they decided to update its OS including HTML5 technology to bring the opportunites for new indie developers, it's worth.

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