Blackberry export option and tutorial outdated?

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  • Hi guys,

    I've been working my way through all the platforms. Yesterday I started creating a blackberry build and it seems since the tutorial ( ... ckberry-10) was written things have changed a lot which means the export option and tutorial don't work. Well I assume it doesn't since its difficult to follow now they have updated their dev software.

    The new method requires you create a HTML5 build and use the command line to execute some blackberry commands. I have almost completed a release build using the new process. So would anybody else be interested if I wrote an up to date tutorial?


    The Wyrm

  • So it seems after I couldn't get my PlayBook to authenticate that things are more complex than I realised. PlayBook (blackberry tablets) have not been upgraded to BS10. So you actually need to develop for the PlayBook and BS10 separately. So the existing tutorial may work for the PlayBook. I'll have to have to do more digging tomorrow. What a clusterf$ck...

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  • isn't the BB appstore phasing out and the Amazon store replacing it?

  • bjadams Hmmm... from what I read here -> ... e-library/ it seems that the BB app store will include amazon store stuff. I assume this will be the HTML5 amazon store rather than kindle android one. So not being phased out yet.

  • After what seems like ripping off my own testicles, chewing on them and spitting them back into the blackberry 10 simulator I finally got my game running on it, and it runs pretty well too.

    Although I haven't gone through the publishing process since when I go to I get the message.

    "Site Map: Maintenance

    Our website is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

    So I will check out the publishing process and investigate building PlayBook apps when its back up. I'm not surprised that people don't develop apps for it. Nothing worked out of the box and the documentation misses big chunks which requires you to search elsewhere. Saying that it has been kind of fun in a dorky problem solving way.

  • So when the site came back up I signed up to be a vendor. After completing the wizard you have to send them government issues id!!!! WTF. I don't think they want developers Anyway, I did that and after about a day they approved me.

    I had to figure out how to add package the app for the store. Yet more hidden information and guesswork. So I have submitted something to go on their store. I will see what happens next...

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