Black Screen after uploaded to server *Help*

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  • Hi all,

    My class is making a game and we have this issue after HTML5 export.

    I upload it to my server and it just shows a black screen, like it knows the game is there but it won't load it.

    It works perfect as a Webkit and when hosted on dropbox, just not online. It only started doing this.

    Any ideas?


  • It would help others to help you if you provided the exported link for us to check, otherwise it's just purely guesswork.

    You state it works when hosted on Dropbox, which means it's obviously a problem with your server.

    What browsers have you tested with?

    Do any errors show in the console?

    Try exporting one of the examples that are provided with C2 and upload to your server. Does it work?

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  • Hey thanks for responding.

    I check the console and the error was the "c2runtime" was not being uploaded. Filezilla kept deleting the file upon upload.

    I manually added it to the server through my hosting account.

    Any ideas as to why it would do that??


  • I've never used Filezilla so no idea.

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