Black screen in Cocoonjs

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  • Hi! I'm Gies from Italy...

    I have followed the tutorial to add "custom fonts" in cocoonjs but when I decompress the .zip file and I add the folder, I try the game, it doesn't work and appears a black screen. The same thing happens even if I don't add the folder and recompress the file. It doesn't work! (also with cloud compiler).

    To compress I use the software "7zip". What software do you use?

    Has Someone the same problem?

    Thanks for reply!

  • Just use Windows zips - I'm pretty sure 7zip isn't supported.

  • it works! .. thanks

  • I hate to bring up dead in the water fish but thought it wouldn't be appropriate to post a new thread on the same problem.

    I am having the same black screen issue when I try to unzip and then rezip a coccoonjs export. Even if I make no changes. I am using the built in Zip and I have Windows 7 Home premium.

    Should i download Winzip?

    What could I be doing wrong?

    I am highlighting all the files - right clicking and choosing send to zip file.

  • geekgirl - this thread is out of date. In the latest C2 release all you need to do is import the .ttf file to the project and C2 will automatically export it in the right place in the zip.

  • If you've been using the CocoonJS object in C2, does deleting it and then exporting help?

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  • I will try that with the current game I am working on. The reason I was unzipping and re-zipping before sending it to cocoonjs was just to replace the logo during loading with my own.

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