Black screen on Chromebook

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  • Hello !

    When I am running my game on Chromebook there is a black screen and this error is showing up:

    [quote:26hy7zke]Cannot set property 'hasCurrentMatMV' of null c2runtime.js:49

    It is located on this function:

    GLBatchJob.prototype.doUpdateModelView = function ()
    		var i, len, s, shaderPrograms = this.glwrap.shaderPrograms, currentProgram = this.glwrap.currentProgram;
    		for (i = 0, len = shaderPrograms.length; i < len; i++)
    			s = shaderPrograms[i];
    			if (i === currentProgram && s.locMatMV)
    				s.hasCurrentMatMV = true;
    				s.hasCurrentMatMV = false;
    		mat4.set(this.mat4param, this.glwrap.currentMV);
    I believe that the shaderlist contains nullpointers so it can't set its own variables. I also suspect that a specific shader may be the cause. Now is there a way to prevent this from happening like blocking the shader instead of running it ?
    Thanks in advance,
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  • Please file a bug report following all the guidelines and we'll look in to it.

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