Black screen only on Chrome in Android?

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  • I've been making daily updates to my project and testing it every few days on my target environment, Chrome in Android. Suddenly, I've started getting a plain black screen after the page loads.

    I haven't added any plugins or made any dramatic changes to my project in past few days. I've move some animations around, but my project specifically starts on a "loading" page before any of my main objects are loaded.

    I'm also able to load the page in the stock Android browser, but it looks and performs terrible as usual. I've tried clearing my entire system cache, reinstalling the browser, and different devices to no avail.

    I'm uncertain what else I can do to test it or deduce the issue, other than removing objects and effects one by one.

    Here's a link to my capx.

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  • You use a whole bunch of third party plugins and behaviors, any of which could be breaking it. To find out more you could set up remote debugging for Chrome and see what's in the browser error console.

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