bitmap VS vector grphcs ( speed)

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  • Had this discussion on flash forums, in the flash game world, Bitmap graphics are better because they run faster than laggy vector graphics

    but maybe things are different in the html5 world? i dont know.

    Anyone know the answer to this? do bitmap graphics run faster?

  • :D i think construct 2 can only use Bitmap... Can't draw vector in construct 2 or import vector.

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  • i think vector art are the best but in the same way it will slow the game too much .

    also bitmap images get more money than vector for example many companies do games in normal,hd (phone,tablet) so that why they get more vector they will only make one game and it will work in all devices but lower money will paid.

    all these are my opinion, if im wrong just say im new at development ^^

  • Bitmap graphics will almost always be faster than vector, because vector graphics are converted to a bitmap every time it's drawn.

  • yeah bitmap is faster but vector can be resized freely without loosing quality.

  • Vector graphics require processing power, because they in fact are a set of drawing instructions. The graphics are plotted out. Bitmap graphics, on other hand, can be blitted instantaneously and as such aren't all that demanding on CPU.

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