Bitdefender/node webkit export problem in r136

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  • R134 works fine, but I upgraded to r136 and node webkit isn't working because bitdefender (antivirus plus 2013) clamps down on the exe after export and removes it, thinking it's a virus (Gen:Variant:Adware:SMSHoax.109).

    I'm not sure where the problem lies, and therefore who I should report this to, but I tried downloading node webkit directly and bitdefender has no problem with it, so it seems like it's either bitdefender or C2.

    Before I report it to bitdefender, I'd like to understand the problem better - what could be different with C2's export of node webkit to make it think that it's a virus, when node webkit seems fine by itself?

  • Its probably some heuristic formula giving a so called false positive.

    Try disabling the antivirus, and then doing the export.

    If it doesn't do anything to the exe after you restart the antivirus, then its a good guess that its the real time scanner being over zealous.

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  • I think it's node-webkit's fault. Appending data to the end of an EXE file is a weird thing to do, and I was always a bit suspicious of that approach since I first found node-webkit, so I'm not at all surprised it has ended up throwing false positive virus reports.

    I've posted an issue with node-webkit recommending they change this:

    Hopefully a future release will simply use a separate data file, which I think will be far less likely to throw a false positive.

  • Great, thanks, I'm glad I asked first, and that Roger is going to implement what you asked for in 0.7.

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