What are the biggest performance hits for IOS?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm working on a game I hope to eventually export for IOS and Android as well as PC and web.

    From the get go I made a very rough benchmark test version of a game level and tested on both IOS and Android through their browsers and it ran great on both.

    I've now made many additons...lots of events, behaviors like sinewave and fade to many of the sprites ete, but also found ways to optimize by reducing which behaviors were active and by destroying no longer needed objects once they are off screen.

    The funny thing is now I've tried this build on both my 120 dollar Android device and my Ipod Touch, and the game runs even better and faster than the original benchmark on my Android device, yet VERY POOR now on my Ipod Touch!

    Have any of you found really specific things like certian behaviors or types of actions or events that seem to really strongly effect performance on IOS? (asside from having lots of giant sprite images in a frame)

    Otherwise, I'll have to start the painstaking task of removing things one at a time and re-uploading to the web and re-testing to see what is killing the performance..

    any clues?



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  • There's a couple of tutorials that summarize performance aspects pretty well.

    BTW, you say that you upload to the internet every time. Have you heard about preview over LAN?

  • Is there a specific tutorial for performance bottlenecks specific to IOS? My point it my game runs FANTASTIC on Android and TERRIBLY on my Ipod.

    I'm hoping others have found specific causes of such things...in other words, behaviors, actions or events (or plug-ins) that run fine on android and poorly on IOS.



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