Biggest issue in my last few days

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  • Hi all,

    I really got a problem and i don't how to solve it.

    I have a issue:

    1. I want to make a game with

    A. Google Play Services ( leaderboards )

    B. AdMob advertisement

    2. The game must be able to reskin easy ( which is not hard ) but also has to be re-compilable.

    And here is my problem:

    1. Google Play Services doesn't work with Intel XDK and Crosswalk

    2. Other users need to have a premium account on Ludei's CocoonJS to recompile with ads which is no option.

    So as you can see im really *.. here..

    This is bugging me a few days already and i have no solution.

    I am hoping some one else will!

    To make it in a story, i can't have the Ludei's splash screen since i want to resell copies + i can't sell it since people has to ask for a premium Ludei account etc. while is has to be configurable in atleast a hour.

    You would think the solution is Intel XDK + Crosswalk. Problem there, Google Play Services won't work. This is a must for re-selling applications.

    Please some one here tell me there is a solution!

    Thanks in Advance.

  • As far as I know, you have 3 options here:

    1. Make your own temporary plugin

    2. See if anyone has one on the forums

    3. Wait for Intel & Scirra to integrate it

    If none of those work for you then you'd have to consider using a temporary leaderboards solution with the basis that you'd/they'd update to GPGS later

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  • Hi TwinTails,

    Yep i was afraid so.

    I actually started making my own leaderboards.

    I hope Google Play Services will be working soon with Crosswalk.

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