Big performance difference with html5 and node webkit?

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  • In the last few weeks I'm having a problem with the performance when exporting a game with node webkit. I'm aware that this post might belong in the Bugs section but I can't post a capx at the moment and I dont want the files to be public. And it might not be a bug and just a problem on my end so im figuring out what I should do about it and if its actually a bug or just a problem with the current node webkit version.

    Because i'm reading about some jerkiness with the latest node webkit and that a new version is on it's way but im not reading anything about a huge performance decrease. And I don't think the jerkiness is related to bad performance.

    Some details:

    • The game runs in 60 fps in preview mode by using Chrome
    • The game runs in 24-30 fps in preview mode by using Node webkit and also it runs at the same speed after exporting it properly.
    • The game runs around 50fps when opening a HTML5 export in Firefox.
    • Turning webgl on or off makes no difference in fps. All the exports are tested with webgl on.

    I also tested various settings with low detail scaling and what ever I could think of it makes no difference.

    The estimate memory use is 77mb and on most layouts the memory use is around 50 to 60mb while playing the game. With the debug I checked the cpu usage and it's mostly around 20 to 40%. Need to take into account that the debugpreview already uses quite some cpu speed in my experience. Profiler lists around 6 to 8% for the engine and same numbers for the Draw Calls.

    This happens on various laptops, i7 Q740 with an AMD Radeon 6300M, a MacBook Air i5 with onboard hd4000 and on a Surface 1. It does not happen on my main work machine which is an I7 2600 with an Ati Radeon 7960.

    While playing the game and checking the task manager on the slowest machine the cpu is actually around 6% and memory usage around 45% total, so its not at it's limit. That machine has a clean windows 8.1 install and the same happend on the prior windoes 7 install.

    The first thought would be that the first three machines are not fast enough but while testing it in html5 and seeing cpu+mem usage in the debug mode it appears that it should run perfectly fine. Mem usage is super low in my opinion and the cpu usage is alright.

    Another test I did was using the old 0.8.6 NWK version and see if that would bring any improvements and it did but not perfectly. The fps changed from 20-30 to around 45 fps.

    Apolagies for the long post. It's been keeping me busy for quite a while now and seeing the game run smooth in html5 makes me happy but it's been confusing the me why the export does not have the same results. So i'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?

  • Try another version of nw (see bottom link). I use the newest update in my current project and don't have problems.

    Also examine your code, maybe you have some loops that run too often.

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  • And if you still have problems with NW.js (as I do), you can try out node webkit 10.5 which at least previews perfectly for me and others (I haven't tried to export with it yet):

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