big performance difference between preview and exported web

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  • Hi there..

    I'm in the final stages of finishing my game and testing it on various devices to make sure performance is ok .. and i've noticed something very strange that I hope you can help explain me.

    When i preview over LAN the game chugs along nicely with around 60 to 45 fps on my Ipad AIR running ios 7 ... but when exported to web and rund from my server fps drops to about 45 to 20 fps... thats a huuuge difference and I have absolutely no idea why ..

    on other devices there seem to be a slight difference aswell but no where near what im seeing on the ipad.

    can anybody help me explain this ???

  • Try clicking "Debug layout" next to the Run layout button. From there select the "Profile" tab and watch what is taking the most CPU.

    I too had similar issues with perfect performance on my dev machine but poor performance on the web server.

    Optimizations must be made!

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  • Kali

    When running from your server. Are you running by way of browser or are you running from the home screen. If your running from the home screen the game isn't running at full do Apple restrictions. Only running from the browser directly offers full acceleration.

  • Thanks for the input guys ...

    In regard to optimization ive been trying to nail down what part of my design is causing problems with debugger .. and ive pretty much disabled everything except object spawning (I have around 5 to 8) circles spawning every 15 seconds with a max of 40 circles.. nothing much else is going on.. collisions and movement is turned off.. and still i see the before mentioned fps drop in the exported version on Ipad :/ no matter if it's running from homescreen or straight in safari.

    Using the debugger doesn't really help since it's only the exported version thats affected... ehh correct me if i'm wrong .. you can't acces debugger in exported version right ???

    I'm 90% sure the mistake is on my side but i just wanted to make sure it wasn't a known & normal issue

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