How big are mobile games on average? Experiences on scaling

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  • 1. How big are mobile games on average (download size)?

    2. What about their average memory usage? (what are the max. that works on average mobiles and what works on high end mobiles?)

    Some experiences concerning these questions.

    I am trying to "diminish" my game to fit mobile. It uses 1.7 Gb of memory usage and the download size is almost 400 Mb. I have tested many things to see what kind of things take a lot of memory. As I deleted most of the layouts it did not diminish the memory usage at all as all the sprites are in one "warehouse" layout. Have also deleted a lot of sprites to test this but the memory usage only drops a bit. One sprite that has a lot of animations dropped almost 300 Mb as I deleted it.

    What are your experiences if you have had to scale down your game to fit it to mobile.

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  • 300 MB for one set of animations seems a lot, how big is each image?

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