Big decrease in iOS performance over past couple of years?

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  • After unshelving a game project that had been gathering dust for about a year, I found that the performance I was getting now via cordova/XDK is considerably slower (fewer than half as many fps) than it was getting via CocoonJS last time I had worked on it. I've compared old exported builds I had lying around to the ones being exported now, and the difference is pretty baffling.

    I've been keeping my C2 download updated to keep up with the new features for other projects, so I'm not even sure what version I was using when it worked well, but I was wondering if any other folks have experienced this.

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  • Uh, maybe Scirra should go back to working with Ludei, performance with XDK hasn't been all that good for me. As for iOS in particular getting bad performance, eh, nothing wrong over here. My game has a 20+ sprites on screen with particles and things have been great all the back to an iPhone 4.

  • iOS 8 brought radically improved performance for HTML5 games on iOS. It should be far better, especially if you use the newer WKWebView.

  • Ashley actually with Safari, performance is pretty good! It's running through iOS via Cordova that performance tanks. Those tests linked don't actually seem to have Cordova/XDK as one of the outputs. (I am, however, very impressed with regular safari performance)

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