Beware: Avast! antivir can, sometimes, mess with Construct 2

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  • Just to make a record of my issue on the forums, so anyone having the same issue i had could resolve it without spending as much time i spent. i was trying to import sounds into my project without success, failing every time to convert to either OGG and AAC. I was making sure all the files i was attempting to convert were WAV and 44100 Hz, and still could not have them imported to Construct 2. I uninstalled Avast and BAM, no more issues.

    By the way, i was having constant disconnects on my internet for no reason as well. Turns out no Avast resulted in no more disconnects...

    Hope this helps someone.


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  • Hey!

    Are you sure it's Avast?

    I've been using Avast and C2 for many years now and never had any problems with them

  • Yep, i'm absolute positive that it was Avast that was causing me this issue. It caused some weird issues as well, like i could not open executables from my desktop. Really weird stuff. My girlfriend also had problems with random internet disconnects... and guess what: she uninstalled it as well and we're currently golden

    I never thought the antivirus could interact with such things like the converter inside construct 2, but yeah.

  • It is true, sometimes Avast have some problems with C2. I know because I also had this problems. I changed my antivirus to Avira.

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