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  • I know C2 does not allow us to fill a sprite properties and only create it as needed. This give me some headaches beacause I need to put all sprites on the stage to uses it, so I need to put it on a off screen position to use it. Why C2 does not allow us to fill a sprite propertie and only create it when we need it ? Lets give a example of a bullet, I only need it when I fire, so if I need to for example count the number of bullet I have on the screen that off screen sprite is counted too. A simple checkbox like "dont create it at laytout start" should solve this problem. How do you guys handle this problem and why C2 creators does not put this option and why noone else even think about it ? Im not a C2 starter I was just wondering about it because it should be so good for us, game creators.

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  • Just make an asset dump layout with your sprites in it and don't reference it in your event sheets. That way you don't need anything outside of the layout.

  • Omg its a very nice idea! But can I create in another layout even if it not public?

  • Yes, the sprites just need to be anywhere in the project, they don't have to be on a specific layout. Just make a layout and don't reference it anywhere in your project and you'll be good to go.

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