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  • Hi,

    First of all, construct 2 is a marvellous and well developed bit of software that is constantly updated and a joy to use. However I have a suggestion for day to day work as opposed to new features and one that I personally feel will speed up game dev.

    This comes in the form of project management. For example, a simple task, as far as I can tell as I am not claiming to know all about C2, such as moving a set of objects into a subfolder, has to be done one at a time. If I am wrong on this I would love to know!

    Same goes for including event sheets into a master sheet these have to be done one at a time.

    It would also be good if these sub folders in the project pane could be colour coded for quick visual reference perhaps? Little things like these could help save hours per week when it comes to organizing your projects. Yes these things should be done from the start but sometimes you forget when your in the heat of getting it done.

    Also as a game project goes on games change and so the order and placement of things may need to be radically different. On small projects its not such a big deal but if your dealing with lots of objects and event sheets and layouts.... well you get the picture

    Just some thoughts.



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