Which is better for menus -- layouts or layers?

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  • This is a general question for experienced C2 users.

    In designing your game, do you use different layouts or layers for your various UI elements if you have several: (Game Start, Instructions, Customization, Leaderboard, Signup, etc... ) -- so far it seems like different layers are better if you are keeping the same background/some objects (and the tuts seem to keep UI on separate layers) ... but I am still curious about when it is better to use layouts.

    Is there a preferred approach? ... at what point do layouts make more sense?

    Many thanks for your tips!

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  • Basically, everything that is ingame is better on layers, pause menus for exemple are better done that way, however, a menu that is not tied at all with a level would be easier to do inside it's own layout, without every other assets being loaded with it (title screen menu for exemple), however if a menu can be accessed in the level and also the title screen, you can have both (an option screen for exemple can be availiable on both).

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