Better high res and downscalling or low res and upscaling?

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  • Which is better high resolution and downscale on mobile or low res and up scales on mobile ? or

    Which i better for mobile HD or SD resolution scale for wider range of Android Devices?


  • It depends on your game and your target devices. If you are making a pixelart game, then you should use point sampling and upscaling. Your game and your assets will be smaller in size, and you put less weight on mobile GPUs. In the end it will run on more devices. On the other hand, if you don't want to go with pixel art, then I think downscaling would be better, because then you use higher resolution assets, so your game won't look bad on bigger screens (like 10" tablets). I'd suggest, in that case go with what BackendFreak said in the mobile resolution topic:

    I personally pick an average resolution (1200x800) and use images of the 1.5x sprite object size. It scales nicely both ways.

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  • glerikud - I trust both you and on your suggestion that 1200x800 is good for mobile but I am confused because most devices between 4.0 ~ 4.2 experience fps drops on HighDefinition resolutions since bigger images are required and I also noticed that most phones between Android 4.0~4.2 have a 480p or 360p screen resolution and because of that software rendering(with the use of cpu) is used rather than only GPU. Can you explain that?

    And also, if I am correct 1200px*800px is a (3:2 in aspect ratio) will it hurt if I use a different aspect ratio like (16:9) 1280px*720px ?

  • Can you explain that?

    Sorry, can't help you with that.

    And also, if I am correct 1200px*800px is a (3:2 in aspect ratio) will it hurt if I use a different aspect ratio like (16:9) 1280px*720px ?

    It won't hurt, just test it beforehand how you app looks like on different screen sizes. It is also recommended to use the scale outer fullscreen mode detailed here: ... reen-sizes

  • i'd go with 720p still. resolution really doesn't matter much, and 720p is a solid resolution for upscaling to 1920x1080 and lowering to less reses. like 640x360 and more. here's a chart for it: ... dards2.svg

    but beware . if you make your game 720p, when different resolution is used your sprites might deform. therefore you should test your game on 720p and 1080p and 320p devices to see the differences.

  • It's okay guys. I think I am already convinced that HD is better but do you guys know any big games made here in construct 2 that is HD and for mobile and good performance because I would like to see an example. Thanks.

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