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  • Hi I noticed that the frame rate changes a lot if U scale down the browser game window manualy ( if basicly u scale from right lower corner the entire website). Is there a reason behind ?

    Does it mean that game should not be full screen ???? I like to have good graphics and not too tiny sprites...but on the other side the game frame rate should not suffer...

    thanks guys:)

  • There is a setting in the project propriety, basically C2 by default scales up the texture before rendering them, which causes more work to be done on an higher area of display. this setting can be changed during edit time(even at runtime using a system action, don't remember the exact name of it) so the sprites are not resized before rendering at an higher area of display, which erase the performance loss but will afect how the game looks (fora pixelated game though, I wouldsuggest to have it always like that, since theyreally don't need to be scaled up anyway)

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  • thanks

  • The project property is 'Fullscreen scaling'. Low quality renders small and stretches the result up, which is fast but doesn't always look good, and high quality renders at the screen resolution, which requires more GPU power. You might also want to see Performance Tips.

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