A better way to discern between event sheets and layouts

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  • My game has quiet a pile of event sheets and layouts and their tab gets constantly cluttered as I jump between them all the time. I don't mind the clutter, but the problem is that if I'm trying to work fast, it's hard to discern between event sheets and layouts without clicking them to see what they are. The random color they're given isn't enough to keep switching between them simple enough.

    I'd propose that either event sheets or layouts should be shown with different style or scale on the tab to make it easier to recognize them from each other. What do you guys think?

  • I agree: the random color assignment is unhelpful.

  • Or just small icon before the name.

  • Or just small icon before the name.

    That's such a small thing that would be very helpful, I'm surprised it's not there yet.


    Overall it would be great if there was an easy way to tell the difference at a glance.

  • I put the prefixe "ES" before the name of all of my events sheet.

    They use the same name as the layout they are attached to, when they are layout sheet, otherwise, simply a logic name like "ESCommon" or "ESMechanic" does the job.

    And it generally allows me, at a glance, to know whether it's an Event sheet tab or a layout tab.

  • Yeah, I use E_ before the name in a similar way, but color would help too.

  • I have my own way of doing so too - about prefixes. Still, icons would be neat.

  • I agree some kind of icon would be best. My method of division is that my LAYOUT are all in capitals and my eventsheets are in lower case. I tried cAmel case too. but didn't feel as satisfying. What ever you choose in the meant time, it should be distinct.



  • Agreed.

    I also use a prefix but the random color assignment really throws me off. Would like to assign my own color if possible.

  • I also think sheets should have a different style. (visual is often faster than reading, so it is faster to recognise with style)

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  • Wow, didn't expect so many people agreeing with me. Maybe we'll see something in a future update.

  • id suggest the easiest way wold be to have a separated window... as in layouts/project/z-order/etc that are shown on the right side... so you can pop them up open and have the list with events there.. if its opened and u need it.. will automatically go to it anyway.. just you'd have the list there in front of u... its much easier then to add a icon.. which if u have 10 different tabs opened... the sizes wold shrink so much,, that you wont be able to see the full name... even if its ES typed in front or not.

    personally im always on the project tab.. and have the events list opened there.. the only problem is when i save.. all the project files refreshes at a weird rate... if i add folders.. all open and closes .. which makes C2 freeze for a bit

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