Better Audio in IE<9 using SM2 instead of Audio.js

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  • So for those of you who've been tracking my ventures into making IE<9 work with Construct 2, i recently got audio working with Audio.js:

    But because I had to hack it to use its functionality that creates unnecessary dom and flash elements for every sound, it was horribly slow and the sounds had a lot of delay.

    So today I decided to replace it with Sound Manager 2:

    I wrote a lot simpler code to make the connector, here it is:

    And you can see it in action here:

    So again, my guess is that soundManager 2 is simply faster and doesnt require creating tons of elements on the page. Basically it's designed to be called via javascript to trigger flash sounds, whereas Audio.js is designed to turn <static> audio elements already on the page into flash audio players.

    My last thing to perfect IE<9 using flash canvas is to prevent some flickering and blinking. If anyone has an ideas of what to do to stop it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Previously when I first got it to work using the Space Blasters demo, i thought it was because the game was so action-packed and fast paced. But now I have a very simple game with very little animation, and very slow animation at that. So I'm wondering if there is anything in C2 itself I can do to make the game basically appear simpler and smaller to Flash Canvas??

  • faceyspacey

    Are you using C2 v92 ? and did you check this blog ?

    the slow animation frame, might if you used older version of C2, where images loaded separately which may delay and slow some animation frame, depending on cpu memory and net speed.

  • Even though it's not a pure html5 solution, but it works for almost all browsers. I'm using it because most of my games will be delivered via different browsers.

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  • i fixed the flickering with the following techniques provided by the maker of flash canvas:

  • "I wrote a lot simpler code to make the connector, here it is:

    could you explain where to put this into my C2 code? I am not doing a game, but some educational material, and sound would be great everywhere.

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