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  • Hey friends,

    I noticed, that some graphics are a little pixelated on the borders, while play my game in C2, others are sharp as knifes, while running. In the editor, they all look absolutely well.

    How can that come? Is it about scaling (just downscaled them, so they are absolutely good enough at resolution) or about some rendering-options in C2? Already checked different scaling/non-scaling...not really 100% good.

    I really need to get everything absolutely sharp, so I´m up to any suggestion friends.

    The sprites aren´t moving btw, they are just fix pictures, really nothing special.

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  • if you use point instead of linear sampling then your png's become some images you will see that more since it has to do with colour combinations and thin lines.and thats why you think some images are ok and others matter of fact if you use point all pngs loose quality.

    now using linear instead of point is the solution to your problem until things start to move.since pixel rounding "off" renders sub pixel instead of integer like "on", you start to have seams between tiled sprites.if you use "on",

    seams disappear but you have a loss in smooth movement since it renders integer and becomes a little jerky plus you have loss in picture quality.

    it is a $#@%$@#% situation especially for us that use spriter since we cannot use pixel rounding "on" because spriter renders subpixel and the tweening gets destroyed and on the same time we have seams using the tilemap plugin if we are at "no"!

    so i had to revert to old school tilemaps as animation frames and it works in crome without seems and perfect picture quality until i export it with node webkit and it looks like swiss cheese between tiles again.

    Ashley says that thats the way it is but i will fight until my last breath until he figures out a solution since i know he can(i have faith in him ) because most complex projects start to hit that wall between quality and seams.

  • Thanks for that reply man

    I´ll check that out at home. Any other advises are of course still welcome

  • glad i could shed some light to your problem and i wish i had all his info before i had started designing my project.

    if you create a simple project then c2's standard tools are more than enough. but as you start to explore and expand then a lot of issues start to occur which for me is normal otherwise everybody could design a quality product.

    but since most of us that use this tool don't have either programming skills or the budget to hire people to custom solve all the problems that emerge we are stuck with either adjusting our expectations to the current software status ,try to figure out creative ways to overcome the shortcomings or wait and hope our software will improve over time .

    to give you an example on this try and use spriter for your animations.the difference in quality between tweening realtime and png's is HUGE!

    of course not a lot of people have the time and the talent to use that tool but to those who invest on it the results will bring them ahead of the rest of the pack.

    and then you start to realize that this technology conflicts with the other one and here we go again from scratch!

    quality video game creation is a tough business and not for the faint hearted

  • Roccinio

    Well yeah, I noticed the same using Flash-Animations. The ability of using vectors inside C2 would be absolutely graceful! To me this would be a Number1 feature to add.

    I made a lot of C2 projects already and none of them was that sawteeth't on it´s borders, so I think I may changed to point-sampling. Need to check that out.

    I really need to get the quality to the max, cause it´s a customers project, which would be a great benefit on my portfolio. I may need to keep things in one single picture, to avoid the stupid unsharp boundaries of transparent PNG. Inside the picture itself it seems to be super good.

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