Best resolution for kongregate?

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  • Hi all

    My game is 1280 , 720

    And as i know i must lower the resolution to fit kongregate and newgrounds ... and the other flash games sites.

    What is the best resolution and full screen option for these sites?

    And can the player play the game on full screen mode?

    Thank's for any help

  • Unless they have something to prevent fullscreen, the request fullscreen action should work (I think they don't have anything to prevent this, that would be foolish for them)

    As for the resolution, I think some people use 640x480 and 800x600, but as I said before, due to how C2 works (at least if the graphic quality is on high, which is the default option), just set the window size to a smaller value and zoom out should do the trick just fine (unless you are playing with zoom in and out in your game itself, in that case more adaptation would be needed)

    I think setting the window size to 800x450 and set the layout scale to 0.625 shouldldo a quick fix, but try it out before to verify if that works well in you case (and provide a fullscreen button so people can enjoy it fullscreened )

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  • Aphrodite

    Thank's for the info.

    And what full screen option should i use?

  • Browser:Request fullscreen

  • Thank's

    But i mean Fullscreen in browser option.

  • I've contact kongregate support and they not allowing the full screen mode.

  • A0Nasser yes they do! Running Fred allows fullscreen on Kongregate.!

  • Naji

    Thank's, I've played the game and there a full screen option.

    So now i will contact the support again.

  • This support replay :

    ( Full screen is not available for all games. They should be able to use cinematic mode which will make the game screen bigger, just not full screen, full screen is reserved for select games not all games).

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