Best place to host Construct game?

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  • What (in your opinion) is the best place to host a Construct-Made game? I don't mean just throwing it into DropBox and linking the index.html file, is there a free web host that allows you to do the same, except with the game embed in the page?

    In other words, have the game on a website instead of DropBox, preferably free.

  • There is a lot of free web hosting solutions (just google it), however they all offer limited features.

    If you don't mind shelling out a few dollars or euros a year, buy a domain for yourself; then purchase some cheap web hosting solution, these usually are about 4� or something a month. That'll cost you about 60� a year and you can do all kinds of things with your web space. (MySQL database, PHP for any server side code etc.).

    Just my couple cents on best place to host Construct game. Nothing is stopping you from using one of those free web hosts, however, but do closely inspect their features first!

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  • Hello bowiz2

    Like Mipey said you usually get what you pay for but when your broke your broke.

    I have paid hosting now for my websites but here is a good free host that Iv used in the past:

    You get:

    10GB of disc space

    100GB of bandwidth

    5 email accounts

    5 MySQL databases


    PHP5 support

    And best of all no ads

  • I used blogger of google and buy only the name of site. Used a custumizade template and put some little games online for close of free.

    I liked the Wink link too. No ads is beatiful.

  • I would recommend TapJS TapJS

  • yeap threer are tons of free hosters, of course paying gives you more quality in the service, but if you waqnt something free try the above suggestions, or check this list of free webhosters:

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