Best way to monetize a C2 game?

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  • Hi all!

    One year ago, I developed this game : I had no other objective than making a fun arcade game to play with friends. Now I really want to get back to C2 (really cool tool for designers) but even though I don't expected to make a living with my games in the short term, I'd like to make it a "worthy" effort... (just a little bit)

    Is there threads, websites or anything explaining where and how to monetize a game made with C2?

    What would you recommend in term of platform and monetization if I wanted to make simple but still fun and polished games?


    Mobile apps ("native")

    HTML5 portals




    Selling games?

    Monetizing with in-app purchases?


    Thanks in advance!


  • fgl is a good place to start. Sorry I can't post a link due to not having the required karma. Just google it.

    If you haven't already included your game there you can get a 200 dollar advance for html games right now if you let them submit your game to a couple of portals for you and you integrate their API.

  • Thanks!

    What level of quality should I reach? For 200$, I'd make many small games with decent graphics...

    Did someone here submit a game to FGL?

  • It needs to run on lots of devices WITHOUT cocoon etc. cause they put it on Tizen, Amazon etc.

    That´s the big problem you have to solve!

  • So basically, 200$ is a really low payment to give up most of your game's rights to a publisher. I highly recommend avoiding that, as it drags the market down for everyone.

    A good, yet small html5 game can be sold for approximately 3000$ to 5000$ under exclusive terms on average. The html5 market is only on mobile browsers right now, so you have to build lightweight, simple to pick up, optimized games.

    This great article on photonstorm will give you some still valid details on the market's current state :

    I'll sum the market's state up by saying that it's hard to get started making money. You'll have to make good products and really stand out. You should go check Spil games's portals to see a bit the level of quality required to get deals.

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  • You don't give up most of the rights. You just have a build for them on 2 publishers. You get 70% of the ad income on amazon market and 14c for every play on bigrebel. You can still sell sitelocks or submit the game to other portals yourself.

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