Best way to learn Construct 2?

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  • I know the basics of working with Construct 2, made a small game, but i was wondering the best place to learn more advanced stuff, i have been reading wiki tutorials but they are not that helpful. What would the veterans here recommend?

  • Build a bigger game ?

  • Yeah it's kind of hard to answer this as what is hard to you other people might of picked up easy. The best thing i can recommend it going through the manual and the how do i section of the forums other then that asking/ telling us what you need help understanding. also as lenn said just keep making games you will learn each time

  • I'm no veteran but I like to tinker with C2 now and again, how I have been learning is by looking and trying to recreate games from the 80s - pacman, astroblaster, and then some of the simpler platform games. Bit by bit see where you could enhance them and just tinker, make notes what worked, what didn't.

    good luck

  • Make a complex game and come read through the forum and tutorials often. The farther I've gotten into my game, the more I see that at some point, working on a unique game, you'll be in uncharted territory and will have unique problems to overcome. This makes it fun and points out that ultimately you can only really rely on yourself and your team. Good luck!

  • Watch the video tutorials on this site:

  • I have some video tutorials too

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  • A great way to learn is to look over questions in the forums and trying coming up with solutions. Even if you don't post an answer, just going through the process of solving single problems will help you build up your knowledge of the software.

  • Practice and practive and more practice!

  • Well I don't know what you do or don't know but here are some things to try:

    Animations. And making them have an impact. Stealth, prone, jumping, pulling pushing, etc

    Paper doll. Overlay and make use of multiple weapons/items and outfits.

    Multiplayer. Many things you can use this object for. Even some creative ways to make singleplayer games with it. Have a server running a persistent world. Offload heavy logic away from the core game. Etc.

    Something I recently have been playing with is image points. I have a character and use a number of image points to dynamically change sword angles and position during animations. This lets me swap weapons and they are instantly animated with believable motions.

    Take simple things and learn to master them in new ways.

    Basically, how I "learn" is think of a concept or idea and make it happen. Or at least try to

    Try and take the things you know, and apply them differently.

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