What are the best hidden tips/features in C2?

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  • Do you know of any features in C2 that most other people may not know?

    For example, when creating comments in an event sheet. If you press Enter, then your comment is confirmed. But, if you press Shift+Enter, then you can create a new blank line in the comment area.

    This information is not in the Manual for Comments. Maybe because a simple workaround is to just create a new comment and leave it blank.

    Anyways, I was just wondering if there were more hidden gems like this.

  • Well there the Side by Side "feature" where if you drag the Layout Tab into the Layout, and drop, it will show both the layout, and the event sheet.

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  • Shift enter is actualy a default function in 99% of existing text editors, it starts a new line without indent or new paragraph. (no blank space between the lines)

    Tip for people using ajax methods and debugging:

    Using firebug with firefox can give insight to posted data variable names and its contents, and the full content of the replies from the server.

  • Tips that I find useful:

    a .capx file is just a .zip file, you can open it with a program like winrar and extract the files.

    then you can edit the .caproj file with a text editor and change the <saved-with-version> line near the top to your version number (if the .capx file you downloaded is from a newer vesion of C2 than what you have installed). Obviously, the .capx file can't be using any new features not available in your version - but if you are just checking out a tutorial or someone's example this works great.

    maybe everyone but me knew this one:

    you can use the same event sheet for multiple layouts. My son made a game with half a dozen levels and was running into the free version event limit. We re-organized it so all the levels used just one event sheet (because player movement and interaction with objects was essentially the same from level to level). This gave him lots of free events to keep developing! (we have since bought licenses).

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