What would be the best way going about this?

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  • Hello, I'm about to start a top down tile based rpg from scratch (except graphics and sound), and I'm about to start actually designing the world itself. However i'm not sure what would be the best approach upon doing so. I'm working with a 192 x 192 screen, and the tiles are generally 16 x 16. Of course you can transition screen to screen zelda style so the world would be bigger than just 192 x 192.

    Is it best to use pre designed images as backgrounds and then place all the interactive stuff as objects in construct? Or to lay down each tile in Construct 2 itself? If they were backgrounds, then some areas of the world would probably end up at some pretty high resolutions. If they were tiles, I feel like that would take a lot of cpu power or whatever (not really a tech savvy guy).

    Probably a better question would be how game designers actually do it. Please let me know what is the preferred method! Thanks

  • i would use the tilemap for that!


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  • Dito what fldr said. If you use a larger image, that can suck up resources (video memory) quick.

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