what is the best way for export vector to png files for game

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  • Hi

    Here I am discussing about the image quality i used in my game and quality comes when i play game on mobile.

    their is So different in the quality.

    I am making clone of a game.

    When I run my game i have found that my game graphics are blurry.


    see the difference

    above image is a road i have draw in C2 image editor


    one suggestion need ::

    suppose if i need a object 50x50 px

    then just only for quality reason does i have to create that object 100x100 px and scale down 50%

    does this method is a right way of increasing quality of image


    I have a performance issue too

    I made a simple game

    when playing in mobile it runs slow

    not accurately "like its buffering " otherwise in computer its running fine

    I did not use any Webgl effect

    total images size is 65kb

    total apk file is 9mb

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  • Ok I know if you have images that are over 200 kb you start to get stuttering. But from my experience Construct2 works well on mobile devices. To get an idea of how simple or complex your game is download my android game, run it , then tell me if its simpler or more complex than the game I made. I will be able to help you solve the issue once I know what your working with.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... dead&hl=en

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