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  • Hey, I'm looking for some opinions on the best way to develop a dynamic website?

    I was thinking about this while doing some simple projects with Construct 2, thinking that maybe I could create a dynamic website for a game with it. It may be a little crazy, but I have this weird, irrational hatred for PHP, and was thinking I could use WebSockets to communicate with a server and update things in "real-time"

    Basically, I want people to be able to log into the website, and stay logged in like a regular site. This site would be a portal to my game, which would open in a separate window providing the user is logged in and have clicked on the "play" button.

    Does anyone know of any tools that are as powerful and as simple to use as Construct 2, but for websites. Even better, would it be possible to build a website with C2?

    Just something that's been playing on mu mind :P

  • You could definitely build a website with Construct 2. Essentially, anything that you export into HTML5 format can easily be used as a site if you wanted it to.

  • You could easily build a site with Construct 2. However, I wouldn't have too much faith in the site rendering the same for every browser. Older browsers would also be incompatible.

  • Also if you use construct 2 you will not be Search friendly as the engines can't index sprites or other content in the canvas...

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  • If all you hate is PHP, there are other server side languages that you can try such as Ruby which emphasise code readability, and Node.js which could possibly let you interact with your C2 game directly being a javascript technology itself. Both languages have free hosting services out there, with limits of course but anything free is a generous gesture.

    Node.js is still very new and feels fiddly, so I would recommend Ruby, which has a hilarious introduction book that motivated me to learn it in the first place.

    If your real concern is any server side language, that's going to be difficult on the "user login" part because the infrastructure for logging in has always been a client-server architecture.

  • I do like Ruby. I tried learning it once but i never stuck to it for some reason :/

    I think what i will do is build a website in HTML5/CSS3/JS in Expression Web, then use Construct 2 for the more dynamic elements of the pages using iFrames. I think I'll do all the login stuff over WebSockets, I just need a good security system.

    I'm thinking of tying a login session to the user's IP address or something like that. But I need to work out what will ahppen if the IP changes :/

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