What is the best compiler for construct 2 ?

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  • Hello guy I need to know which one is best compiler for constuct 2, now i use intelXDK and have issued about security from GG.

    1. intelXDK

    2. cocoon.io


  • 1. intelXDK

    2. cocoon.io

  • visual studio if you ask me.

    yes intel and cocoon are good, but if you spend 10+ hours pimping stuff in visual studio for your project you can end up with 10x the build.

  • saiyadjin i wish i could learn C# but my head blank out as i start to write the first line or else i who be using unity especially now VS is there scripting editor now

  • hm, what is the Monaca.io?

    Has anyone tried it? Does it work? What is the performance on iOS or Android?

  • wizdigitech - we were talking about building our html games exported with c2. you don't need c# for that. but you can use visual studio (community version is free, has android simulator, builds ios/android aligned packages, also for WP, and more). you can utilize the VS as a tool to build your game. it also has some extra optimizations, and you can get different extensions from their store where you can get loads of "helper" tools that can improve / upgrade your code before you build an apk/etc. and you don't need to know 1 single line of C# for that. you need to understand XML maybe and some javascript. i'd do a guide for each export through visual studio, but currently i'm too busy to mess with it. i probably will in some short time though (a couple of months when i get rid of all my other things to do)

  • saiyadjin I began to interested in what you say.. Can you kindly show me some C2 game on app store or play market who was building with Visual Studio? Some references, in order to see the quality, functionality and powerful of Visual Studio?

    And, why is not popular among developers C2? Because Intel XDK and Cocoon.io are better after all..? What about Cordova plugins compatibility (in-app, ads, etc..) with the Visual Studio?

  • i don't think there is a way to see that game was built with visual studio (on google play) unless someone specifically wrote that down, but i'm pretty sure there's users here who did. i can though point you to a few things:

    some general cordova + vs app building tuts -

    then -

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    and finally - https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/272/ho ... dows-8-app

    then - http://wakeupandcode.com/publish-a-wind ... nstruct-2/

    and then - https://mva.microsoft.com/liveevents/co ... evelopment <-- free, just needs registration, cca 8h video

    and finally the question / answer - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2362 ... va-support

    or if you don't have time to read all this <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> - export game as cordova. open empty cordova project in visual studio. copy files there. fix references. build, fix, compile, optimize and more..

  • saiyadjin Alright, I will definitely read/look at these! Sounds interesting alternative for Intel XDK and Cocoon.io.

    And if I understood you correctly, it is more powerful than Intel XDK or Cocoon.io..?

    I am very grateful to you (and I believe that other users are as well), if you have time to write a tutorial.. It will help the beginner.

  • like i said, i'd love to write a tutorial, but currently i'm in some big jobs that take my time and i simply can't get it all done together. but in a few months i will do it

    it's more powerfull because you can edit your stuff, visual studio can tell you references problems, you can download tools for optimizations, javascript handlers, javascript code improvers and what not. it's simply a huge tool for well... everything. you can even open plugins and change them yourself, improve them, fix them, etc... it's got a github support and extension now, so you can include git projects directly into your with just 1 line (link to github), there's really too much stuff to write here about, but of course if you want to improve anything / learn anything - there's a lot to do - googling, searching, trying, repeat..

  • saiyadjin i would to see a tutorial from you

  • saiyadjin i would to see a tutorial from you

    Same here. Take the time you need, but please keep us posted if you make that tutorial.

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  • > saiyadjin i would to see a tutorial from you


    Same here. Take the time you need, but please keep us posted if you make that tutorial.

    Same, same.

    saiyadjin , we need you =))))))))))))))))))

  • Performance is better than cocoon.io?

  • Performance is better than cocoon.io?

    Same thing I was questioning, because then holy moly!

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