Best approach to making a pixelart game?

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  • Hi,

    I made quite a few topics about problems I've encountered when making pixelart games, but I figure it might be best to just ask for a best approach rather than exploring what happens if you don't follow best practice. :)

    So how exactly can one make a pixelart game without having the graphics anti-alias in canvas2d? I've been told that the best way to avoid this is to resize the sprites, but by how much, and in what instance? Should the assets be resized, or can this be done with game logic so as to avoid consuming too much memory?

    Thanks a bunch.

  • I know it's an annoying problem, but browser support for point sampling in canvas 2D is only a few months away hopefully. So I would recommend simply scaling the game and waiting for browser support, and test with WebGL in the mean time.

  • Thanks for the information.

    Do you guys have any learnings in regards to exactly how one needs to scale a game in order to completely avoid both tearing and anti-aliasing?

    For example, would you suggest importing sprites that are four times as big as intended, and scaling them down with sprite objects? Or would you suggest making the entire game four times bigger, and scaling it down with display options or layer zooming?

    The reason I'm asking is because the former would have the problem of tile sets becoming obsolete (as they cannot be scaled, unless I'm wrong there?) and the latter has the issue of requiring the programmer to take into consideration that every algorithm related to speed, movement and positioning would have to be multiplied by four in all cases.

    So the reason why I created this topic really is just to see if there's a best practice when it comes to making pixelart games in Construct 2 as of now, and if you guys know of any?


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  • Import the graphics at 1x, use WebGL, point sampling, pixel rounding, and integer fullscreen w/ letterboxing and it should be fine. If your graphics are still blurry or whatever, get new hardware ^^;

    Also, why stick with canvas 2d? If you stick with Canvas 2d, you're going to have a bad time.

  • i agree with ^^^ ive made a playable demo of an nes style game it was fine and i didnt resize anythin from the actual nes sizes

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